Soft Skills Training Courses

Soft skills training courses


97% of employers consider soft skills to be crucial to business success.*

“Soft skills are absolutely vital to business success – not least since many of them are in fact the basics of good management and leadership. It’s just not possible to be a successful manager without these core people and team-leading skills.”  Petra Wilton – director of strategy and external affairs at the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Our Soft Skills Training Courses cover these vital areas

  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork
  • Time and self management
  • Decision making
  • Taking responsibility

Whether you are wishing to up-skill a large number of people or seeking 1:1 coaching, these courses help employees to perform better by developing their soft skills.

With delivery options including: open courses for individuals or tailored in-house courses for businesses with specific needs, you can select the solution for your need.

Communication skills:

Learning valuable questioning and listening skills to engage with other people.  Delegates will discover how to communicate effectively and how to deliver a team briefing.  Every individual will also uncover valuable insights into their personal communication style.


Individuals will learn about team dynamics, discover useful methods to interact and work as part of a team and also how to lead a team.  In addition each delegate will work as part of a team during the workshop, participating in useful and practical exercises to enable them to understand the importance of teamwork.

Time and self-management:

Each delegate will evaluate how they spend their time, how to prioritise urgent and important tasks and how to effectively manage a task list. Using useful and practical tools and case studies to support the learning and transform the individuals thinking into how they are going to invest their time in the future – a valuable asset.

Decision making:

This fun and interactive workshop is a great introduction to decision making and puts the delegate at the heart of decision making process. Working in a safe and practical environment the case studies and exercises will enable the individual to evaluate how to make decisions more effectively in future and reflect on the insights learnt during the workshop.

Taking responsibility:

In this workshop each individual will be learning the skilful art of how to handle responsibility, balancing the need to delegate with the level of authority and skill required. Reflecting on how to manage conflict and take responsibility for relationships is also a key learning here. The whole outcome is for the delegate to have more ownership and take charge of their contribution and how to manage the people and resources they are responsible for.

Comments from past delegates:

“I found Damian’s training very informative, interesting and thought provoking and will only help us to be stronger and take our business forward ever stronger.”

“Damian’s knowledge/style and professionalism is second to none and his ability to engage with course delegates is excellent.”

*figures supplied by Backing Soft Skills, supported by multinationals including McDonalds and Barclays.