Pathway to Success…

Hi, welcome to your ‘Pathway to Success’ – my name is Damian Culhane.  You can be confident that my desire to contribute to your success, to have fun in the process, working with really creative techniques, taking responsibility and caring for you, will enable you to achieve your desired outcome.

The ‘Pathway to Success’ focuses on working with individuals and teams that have ingrained behaviours or ingrained thinking.  You can guarantee that I will be challenging you; You will be supported in a safe environment, using highly creative techniques to develop solutions and implement your new ways.  The result is that you will achieve change in your thinking or behaviour causing you to shift…

There are infinite possibilities using the highly creative ‘Pathway to Success’ model – with over 7 billion combinations to challenge your old behaviour or ingrained patterns.  If you are stuck, I have over 7 billion ways to help you to get ‘unstuck’ and move you forward to new possibilities and new ways of working.  This is a powerful and fun technique and appeals to the type of people my model is targeted at.

The ‘Pathway to Success’ technique is based on a number of tools and models within coaching and draws on different elements of some tried and tested aspects, to deliver a hybrid combination – which I have tailored to unlock your talent.  The overarching values that underpin my model are mainly:

  • Client focused – using your agenda
  • Using creativity and curiosity
  • Belief that you already have the wisdom & resources
  • Having fun
  • Supporting changes in implementing new behaviour/new ways of thinking
  • Being caring and responsible to respect your journey

In the coaching sessions the need for uncovering that which may be concealed has a positive spin. The need makes me naturally curious, balanced with the fact that I do not own the content or topic!  The positive desire to contribute to your success and unlock your talent, drives me to use curiosity with bucket loads of creativity to have fun uncovering your potential.  Couple this with my unshakeable belief that you already have the resources and wisdom to create your solution, then there is a winning combination.

The model also provides clarity and allows you to ‘safely’ explore yourself and see the new possibilities as accessible.  I fully respect your model of the world and will be non-judgemental  throughout the process of working together.  The process is fun and I allow you time to reflect, whilst challenging you in a supportive environment. The number of creative interventions available in my model is nine, these are:

  • visual cards (select 5 cards from a choice of 20 = 27,907,200 possibilities)
  • “word” cards (select 5 cards from a choice of 20 = 27,907,200 possibilities)
  • objects (select 5 objects from a choice of 30 = 427,518,000)
  • drawing/sketching (I bring a selection of ‘creative stuff’)
  • flip chart & brainstorming
  • chair work/perceptual positioning
  • Timeline visualisation
  • journey moving round the room
  • Regular coaching!

During the session I am focusing entirely on how you will be interacting with the creative tools, observing your non-verbal communication, your emotional responses, the tone of your voice, your colour and tone of your complexion, pupil dilations, etc. The level of rapport is extremely high and I allow you space to explore and discover your ways forward, with gentle and supportive encouragement and questioning.  The model provides a safe, encouraging environment to raise your awareness and to explore the ingrained ways.  The creative process deepens your thoughts and supports you with new possibilities, developing your awareness.

My model will enable you to access your inner resources and deepen your reflection and insight.  The key emphasis of my model is to acknowledge the past, generate awareness of the present and nurture aspirations for the future.

When you are ready, you will be in a transitional space – where you know it’s time to change!  I support you through this process, reflecting on how you will implement new ideas, your new ways of thinking or  changing your behaviour.  The changes will be reviewed during our sessions – to ensure the transition is enduring and assimilated.

The six sessions are a blend between transformational and transactional coaching, with the greater emphasis on the Former.  As you progress I will check on your objectives and on the overall programme outcome.

During every session I will be supportive and encouraging – with positive feedback where appropriate.  This is a real confidence boost and will enable you to focus on the way forward with a positive mental approach.