Leadership Training Courses for Successful Team Building

Leadership and Team Building Training Courses


The competitive world we work in requires organisations to develop proper leadership skills – resulting in key advantages you will have over your competition. This programme has been specially created for future leaders who are keen to maximise the performance of their teams.

Providing learning and inspiration through the use of role-playing exercises, case studies and a fun, interactive workshop environment, delegates will explore exactly what is needed to unlock your organisation’s full potential. Future leaders will develop their individual style of leadership that can be put into practice straight away – resulting in a more productive environment, more successful teams and future leaders giving back to the organisation.

By the end of the 2 day course the future leader will have developed their leadership skills and know how to build and motivate a winning team. And with delivery options including: open courses for individuals or tailored in-house courses for businesses with specific needs, you can select the solution for your need.

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  • Understanding the role of the future leader in developing a team.
  • Learn how to create the right team spirit and team goals.
  • Learn how to maximise the performance of each individual.
  • Develop self-awareness and understanding.
  • Recognise performance obstacles and how to overcome them.

Course Content:

  • How to build a successful team.
  • The four different leadership styles.
  • The five stages of team development.
  • Conducting effective communication briefings.
  • Interactive exercises, role play and discussion.

Benefits gained by past delegates:

  • Understood vocabulary: Management vs. Leader
  • Sharing understanding of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Picked up tips on Retention/Motivation of staff.
  • Gained understanding of different personalities.
  • Better understanding of self.
  • Sharing new practices.
  • Able to identify skills within department.
  • Better able to delegate.
  • Learned some better ways to communicate.
  • Identified new ways to motivate new and existing employees.