The coaching session with Damian was invaluable in helping me focus on the issues that needed to be addressed and proactively thought through in order to achieve the desired end goals. Damian’s calm and logical approach to problem analysis and working through the various stages to reach the solution was just what was needed to unblock the logjam and drove home the very real truth that change doesn’t happen without commitment, resolve and positive action. Like many other professional people I gained a much needed insight into the value of taking time out to look at issues objectively and outside of the work/ life/stress paradigm. I would thoroughly recommend Damian as an executive coach.

Jane Winfield, Senior Partner, Wortley Byers LLP

I have used Damian as my personal and business coach and he has proven to be a very empathetic, knowledgeable and professional and I certainly recommend him to anyone looking for better results in their life.

Martin Robert HallThe Performance Specialist

Damian as my coach created a safe place for the coaching, good contracting. He was in good contact with me the whole time, had great rapport. I very much liked his offering of the emotion cards and the way he let me have all the time I needed to choose and interpret. The surprise offering of turning the card around and finding a word (and a very fitting one!) was great. He then supported me in a gentle but at the same time leading way to get the 1st step defined. Great coaching!

Marion MichelsPraesta

Damian has worked with me on a number of projects. He is highly motivated and great at encouraging other people to make behavioural changes. Not only that, his subject knowledge is superb.

Steve JonesNegotiation Expert / Non-Executive Director

My coaching sessions gave me motivation and inspiration.  The sessions have put me on the right paths and the skills that I have learnt will help keep me there.

Catherine ByrneCommunications ManagerLocal Government, Essex

I could not believe that after only a few sessions, my outlook on life and my future, was changing for the better.  I have learnt to deal with stress, difficult people, and to explore other avenues when problems arise.  There is always a solution, just don’t be put off by any obstacles that get in the way.  Take time, think about things and set personal goals, which I am now doing, and achieving.

Roz MountierGeneral ManagerManufacturing & DistributionHertfordshire

The coaching has helped me to gain more understanding of myself and how I deal with things but more importantly how to work towards achieving my goals.  After coaching I feel so positive about what I can do and have realised the only person stopping me achieving my goals is me.  The coaching is so powerful that I have found that certain goals are happening without even very much effort.

Amanda MossFacilities ManagerYum Restaurant Chain

I enjoyed my coaching sessions….they helped me to think about the different areas of my life and what I wanted to work on and why. I came to realise that some of my beliefs about myself may have been holding me back…somehow I could see things more clearly.

Linda SharpeLocal Government, Berkshire

I found the coaching session with Damian very helpful. I had an important meeting with a senior executive in my company the next day, and the chair work and brainstorming on a flip chart I did during the coaching gave me different angles of preparation that I wouldn’t have been able to explore on my own. I was much more confident going into the meeting than I would have been otherwise. Thanks again!

Katrin HomerSenior Learning Content ManagerThomson Reuters

I found the coaching session excellent as they were enlightening and thought provoking. At first I was a little reticent since this was my first official piece of executive coaching but through Damian’s positive questioning and calm demeanour he quickly put me at ease. The mix of cards and words prompted me to look at the connections between how I saw myself now and how I really want to be in the future. It allowed me to focus on those areas I then needed to work on so as to achieve this new found aspiration. It was a creative process that was challenging and left me with greater personal clarity as well as a recognition that I need action as opposed to just additional introspective analysis.

James CracknellManaging DirectorTutor Doctor

I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Damian.  He has a very natural manner about him and instantly made me feel comfortable with the process, whilst at the same time challenging me to dig deeper.  We used a number of creative techniques during the sessions – the picture cards raised some particularly interesting awareness about myself, and some of the words which happened to come up on the other sides of the pictures were almost freaky in their relevance to me!  The creative techniques really helped to broaden my thinking and challenging myself – they brought a different colour to the sessions.  Thank you Damian!

Nicki SandersonNicki Sanderson