Case Studies of Clients

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Case Study: Improving Team Performance
Client Sector: Entertainment & Media
Number of days: 12 days in total
Objectives: To develop and improve interpersonal and communication skills, leading to enhanced team working and greater cooperation in the department.

Working 1-2-1 with each team member, Perceptions Coaching delivered the objective by focusing on individual coaching to move the team forward. Particularly working with the Team Supervisor – who was newly promoted – to develop improvements in confidence and deliver a swift change in behaviour.
The results were as follows:

  • Improvement in the team’s performance to deliver their objectives
  • Enhancing working relationships – as a result of improved communication
  • The Team Supervisor was more effective and efficient at delivering team performance
  • The team had more confidence when dealing with clients

Quotation from Vice President of Stadium and Arena Group: “Delivering excellent customer service for a multi-million pound project, in a challenging environment has, at times, been demanding for the team and the line managers involved. As a result of working with Perceptions Coaching, there has been a marked improvement in the team’s performance and in our relationship with our clients. The communication across the team has improved, the Team Supervisor is more self-assured and is able to delegate more easily. Most importantly, the team now recognise the need to develop every possible opportunity to innovate and to deliver exceptional customer service”

Quotation from Team Supervisor: “The coaching has helped me to recognise and identify areas to improve and I am more comfortable about delegating to my team. I have noticed working relationships are better as a result of the coaching and feedback from my line managers has been good and they have noticed the improvements I have made – which feels great. I now have more time since delegating tasks to members of my team and I have found members of the team more responsive and find me more approachable”.

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Case Study: Improving Team Performance
Client Sector: Environmental Services
Period of Contract: 12 weeks
Objectives: To improve the performance of an off-site team

Perceptions Coaching were contracted in by Integrated, to help with a key client where the lack of consistent management on site was of concern. The additional resources that were required to micro-manage the team were time consuming and this was a burden on the management team, putting pressure on their resources. The objective was to improve communication across the team, with the end-users and improve the profile with the site based client.

Perceptions Coaching were instrumental in:

    • Improving motivation and productivity of the team
    • Enhancing the skills of the Supervisory team (IT, Communication, etc.)
    • Cementing a foundation of good practice to build upon in future
    • Recruiting a permanent site-based Manager
    • Coaching the on-site team and new Manager
    • Raising the profile of the contract with the client and with end-users.

This allowed the management at Integrated to direct their teams resourcefully and efficiently to maximise their capability.

Quotation from Integrated: “We needed to bring in an external resource to help support our management efforts with a particular key client.

“The aptitude and calibre of the individual was important to us, to ensure we could implement the improvements rapidly.

“We were kept informed at all times and where any issues arose we were swift in working with Perceptions Coaching to put things right.”

Julie Scholes, Regional Director, Integrated Environmental Services

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Case Study: Communication Management Team (CMT) Training
Client Sector: Charitable Trust
Objective: Improve communication across internal departments

      • 1. Why was the training required? The training was required because CMT needed to learn more about questioning skills to get good creative briefs for the creative teams to work from.
      • 2. What was the issue that needed to be addressed? CMT needed to learn more about the subtleties of questioning and not taking the first answer that a colleague gives to a question.
      • 3. What were the implications of the issue? Creative briefs weren’t as good as they could be because issues/questions weren’t explored as deeply as they should have been.
      • 4. What impact was this issue having on the team? It was frustrating when a brief didn’t work when it got to the creative teams and we’d have to go back to the drawing board because we hadn’t quite got what our colleagues wanted down on paper.
      • 5. What training needs were identified? That the team has different levels of questioning and negotiation skills and that it would be good to bring those skills to a consistent level across the team so that everyone can take better creative briefs.
      • 6. What topics were covered in the training? Working styles, NLP, non-verbal communication.
      • 7. How well did the training go? Very well – there was some great feedback from CMT and the
        team has all said that there was at least one thing they could take away and put into practice.
      • 8. What was the result of the training? Practical suggestions for the team to work with. More confidence in taking creative briefs. A review of the creative brief questions and how they are worded.
      • 9. What do you consider the benefits of the training to be? Better creative briefs will benefit the whole of Creative Services and the workflow through the department. If creative briefs are better, the work will run smoothly.

Quotation from RSPB: “The trainer responded excellently to the training need…good structure to training…the mix of theory and practical work struck just the right balance. Wonderful, useful course and great fun.”

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Case Study: Improving Client Relationships
Client Sector: Facilities
Period of Contract: 4 weeks (extended to 3 months)
Objectives: To implement a change management process aimed at enhancing quality standards and improving performance, to deliver enhanced client relationships for an off-site contract.

Working alongside the Operations Team within a new division of Securiplan Plc, Perceptions Coaching implemented the following initiatives:

      • Working with the client to develop Service Level Agreement’s for the FSi – Concept helpdesk.
      • Improving the security and signing-in process with new time sheets for the on-site team.
      • Implementing new work schedules for the team to allocate tasks and update work patterns.
      • Delivered significant improvements leading to:
      • Improved productivity
      • Improved performance and quality of service delivery
      • Enhanced team motivation
      • Implementing a communications processes to improve client liaison and team communication.

Perceptions Coaching improved the quality of service delivery and integrated well with the client and the on-site team. The initial period of four weeks was extended due to the success of the preliminary term.
Quotation from the key client: “The Manager was able to integrate into the team and fully embrace our culture and understand our business needs. These factors were fundamental to the success of this project and both were achieved through the Manager.”

Quotation from Managing Director at Securiplan: “We recognised that to succeed with this key client, we had to be innovative and provide a solution which would deliver genuine service delivery improvements. Bringing in an experienced professional allowed us to reduce the workload on our Management Team and as a direct consequence, significantly improve our process and delivery of service on site. In addition Perceptions Coaching identified communication shortfalls and improved our communication processes with our client. The project achieved all the objectives we identified at the outset and I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Perceptions Coaching.”

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Case Study:

      Sales Improvement Training & Coaching

Client Sector:

      Corporate Hospitality

Number of days:

      30 days in total


      To improve the sales capability of the Sales Executives and Account Managers to provide more confidence in client relationships, increase productivity and deliver greater sales conversion.

Working with the Sales Manager, Human Resources and Head of Client Management to identify the key skills required for a cross-functional sales team. Perceptions Coaching delivered skills training and 1-2-1 sales coaching which had the following effects:

      • Individuals were able to get through to the decision makers more frequently
      • The quality and volume of appointments improved – 22% increase in sales activity
      • Improved sales conversion from 35% to 43%
      • Sales team achieved their sales targets more consistently
      • The team were able to have more rapport with clients – improving customer service
      • The team had more focus on their desired outcome – enhancing effectiveness
      • The Sales Executives had a more structured approach – improving efficiency
      • The team were more disciplined on the telephone – getting better results

Quotation from Sales Manager: “Working with the established sales teams Perceptions Coaching delivered improvements in sales techniques with individuals, which enabled Club Wembley to achieve more consistent results across the department. Additionally, through a tailored training programme, Perceptions Coaching improved the rapport skills of the Sales Executives and Account Management team. This helped to improve the relationships with Club Wembley clients, in a competitive and challenging marketplace.”

Quotation from Head of Client Management: “As a result of working with Perceptions Coaching, there has been a marked improvement in the team’s performanceandinourrelationshipwithourclients. Mostimportantly,theteam now recognise the need to develop every possible opportunity to innovate and to deliver exceptional customer service.”

Quotation from Sales Executive: “As a result of the coaching I have been able to get through to people higher up the chain – the decision makers – more quickly and more frequently.”

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